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The Teacher’s Role in Promoting Understanding of Geometry

•Model and describe how to make two-and three-dimensional shapes.

•Guide children to act out stories that use positional and spatial words.

•Provide activities that ask children to visualize and represent particular shapes.

•Make class maps and have children use them to find particular objects

•Encourage the discovery of shape attributes

4 Geometry Concepts
Young childen need to recognize shapes, build with them, illustrate them in their own way, describe shapes' attributes, compare shapes,
and sort them by their characteristics.

  • Build relationship (positional) words near, under, by, on top of, right, left, etc.
  • Use maps with pictures and diagrams to locate objects, include verbal direction.
  • Position shapes in a variety of ways and orientations in space

Moving shapes by
  • sliding them to a new position
  • flipping them over
  • turning them
  • combining them

Young children should be able to picture geometric shapes mentally after seeing them and then represent what they visualized using the same
geometric shapes or drawings.
  • Encourage different orientations
  • Encourage different perspectives

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