The Creative Curriculum for Preschool, Volume 4: Mathematics is an important part of Teaching Strategies' mathematics program. This volume expands on the information in Volume 1: The Foundation to show how and why mathematics can and should be part of children's everyday experiences and activities.It explains early mathematics learning and describes when and how to teach directly the skills and concepts children need to become successful mathematical thinkers.


Research Foundation: Mathematics at Teaching Strategies

Mathematics in a Preschool Classroom
Preschool children use mathematics to make sense of their world. They ask for more, they hold up three fingers to tell us how old they are, they count, stack blocks, and see patterns in their environment.
As an early childhood educator, you play an important role in bridging the informal understanding of math with more formal mathematics. You bridge the gap by the way you design the classroom. You should design the learning environment so that there are math materials in all interest areas. In the preschool classroom there is both child exploration of materials as well as teacher directed and intentional activities for mathematics.
The Creative Curriculum organizes their content information based on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics content standards in five areas.

They are:
Numbers and Operations
Geometry and Space
Data Analysis

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