Pre-K Mathematics Websites

    1. Ant Parade - help ants line up for a parade by counting ants
    2. Be a Detective - use the mouse to move Pillar left or right and click on the animal - also practices counting skill
    3. Counting - Mouse skills needed to drag box car. Audio counts box cars as they are added. Once there are 10 cars, student selects a number and a one-to-one activity is displayed.
    4. Counting - Pick an object to count; pick a number for the number of objects; audio counts objects as they appear.
    5. Counting: One to Seven - this site reads the numbers one to seven over and over
    6. The Counting Game - [numbers up to 9] Count the shapes and then click on the number you counted. Get ten right to win the game.
    7. Counting Story - Teacher-led and read. Story counts up to Five.
    8. Count the Bananas - Count the banana peels and click on the correct numeral.
    9. Dot to Dot - move a forked stick onto the numbers and click them in order - do not click until the number gets bigger.
    10. Glass Palace (with Curious George) - [this link opens in a new window] find where a number fits by cleaning off a dirty window
    11. Greenelle's Numbers - click on the set that has the vocalized number.
    12. How many? - online game
    13. Learn to Count to 20 - number is displayed and then the number is said, slowly from one to twenty
    14. Let's Count! Cynthia Lanius - Many counting activities; also in Spanish.
    15. Matching Numbers - Click on the picture with the same number of items as the example on the left. one-to-one matching
    16. Move with Hampshire - can be used to lead the children in exercises or as a counting activity
    17. Numbers to Twenty - one at a time numbered balls fill a box. At any time you can click on a number to hear it spoken


    1. Buzzing with Shapes (2 player game) - Be the first to fill a row (like tic-tac-toe). Players must select the number of sides in a shape.
    2. Colors, Shapes and Number Matching - Barney Site - Pick the shape, or number, that matches the objects with which Barney is playing.
    3. Colors and Shapes - States color and shape of objects. Sound effects helps students remember. Press a letter on the keyboard to go to the next shape. Gets students used to using the keyboard as an input objects instead of the mouse.Color the Shapes - Click on color paint and click on shape as directed.
    4. Find the Shape (Dragon Tales) - click on a shape matching the one held by the dragon
    5. Find the Shape in the Picture - Barney Site - Click on the shape that is in the picture that matches the one on the side.
    6. Fun With Shapes - Arrange the puzzle pieces by matching the colored shape to the puzzle piece.
    7. I Spy Shapes - Find the shapes within the picture and click on them.
    8. Oochy Goes to the Fair - Look at the shape on the sign and then match it by clicking on the one in the box that is the same.
    9. Oddball - Click on the one that is different.
    10. Matching Game - (Fisher Price) Students click on the Little People Friends that don't match the other two.
    11. Matching Shapes - Click on the shape that is the same as the one on the left.
    12. Matching Shapes - from Lil'fingers; play this simple concentration game and match the shapes
    13. Put the Shapes where they belong - A puzzle where the student moves the shapes to fit into the puzzle; a click and drag activity.
    14. Purpy's Shapes - Click on the shapes at the bottom of the page that match the highlighted shape. Also find shapes in pictures.
    15. Sammy's Shapes - Teacher directed lesson for whole class activity.
    16. Shapes - Concentration game. Find the shapes that match under the boxes. May be too difficult for some students because of the number of boxes. (18)
    17. Shape Drop - guide shapes into the correct holes with keyboard arrows
    18. Shape Story - describes each shape
    19. Trucks o' Fun - drop color tires into matching color trucks using the space key
    20. Valentine's Day Puzzle - Oh no! Candy has fallen out of the box. Your job is to drag the pieces back into the proper place


  1. Sorting by Size - A click and drag activity, moving the objects in a row according to size.
  2. Sorting by Categories - Name items in various places and drag them into the box. Mouse skill of dragging items needed for this activity.
  3. Sorting with Hampshire - help Hampshire organize things by dragging them into one of three groups
  4. Time - Fill in the numbers in order around the clock 1-12. A click and drag operation.Can use this activity to become familiar with the clock layout.
  5. What's Different? - Students look at two pictures and select what three things are different. Four different pictures are available.
  6. Zoe's Pet Shelter (Sesame Street) - Zoe has to group animals with similar characteristics. This will work best as a whole class activity. Caution! This game never end.

Spatial Relationships
  1. Left, Right, Up, Down - Help Eudora find her friend's house.
  2. Sizes - Click on objects to choose bigger or smaller objects
  3. Spatial Concepts - Illustration of various spatial relationships. Use as examples of up, down, through, etc. A few are interactive so children can move pieces to show spatial concept.
  4. Spatial Concepts - Biggest, Tallest, Shortest, Widest, Narrowest; then a click and drag activity to put the items in order. (British accent and pronunciation)